Writing is my passion.

I went to college.

I love taking pictures.

I am a very random person.

Is it just me or does the ‘about me’ section feel intimidating?

Should I just put up stuff like my birthday? 2-13-you wish you knew =)

Where I live? Connecticut. With all it’s nothing-to-do-ness (but it’s beautiful in the countryside)

Hobbies? Photography. (I don’t consider writing a hobby. It’s more an obsession.)

Likes? .. haha… man do I have a lot of those! Food! I love food! I’m a food-a-holic, especially Korean and Thai food ^~^ mmmm <3. I like reading! Love it! I live for books ^~^. Photography! (previously mentioned as a hobby). My pets are cute and I love them (even when they are being annoying and rolling all over me and my bed at 3 am >.> Lukus…) On a broader spectrum, I like music (seriously all kinds) pens and pencils (I’m picky) notebooks (ditto). Animes and Drama’s are life! No really. Good anime’s and good drama’s are life. It’s a fact >.> (Go check out One Piece¬†anime or City Hunter¬†kdrama or Supernatural <3)

And now that I’m done rambling (should save that for some blog posts) I should say hi, my name is Sarah Thuotte–blossoming author and all around good fellow ^~^

Also, I intend to get Writing Is My Passion officially tattooed on my hand one day. Maybe. If I gather the courage to do it.