Golden Aura

Fluttering to the porch like an errant autumn leaf, an envelope, unblemished by address or sender, stopped against the toe of Deylin’s boot. The demon lord raked eyes the sickly yellow-grey of a storm laden sky over it dismissively.

    “Ensure they arrive at 3 am.” His severe gaze returned to his demon underling. “Foolish souls are the easiest to harvest.”

    Parchment skin glistening with ill boding, the creature bowed, slitted nose flaring as it slithered away, leaving a curving trail through the freshly fallen snow.

     The hem of Deylin’s ebony long coat snapped in the frigid air as he turned, quirking a finger over his shoulder. The envelope swirled along in his wake. Stepping into the entryway, heat from the lava tunnels to each side cuffed the chill back outdoors where it belonged. Using a sharp nail, he sliced open the envelope and withdrew a letter. The image of a man, hunched and bundled against winter’s bite filled his mind. Grey eyes swept the park from where he sat, pinched against an unseen ache.

    Intrigued, Deylin left the letter to hover, dragging the words behind him like a swarm of gnats. Removing his coat he draped it over the dark leather of a wing-back chair. Sweeping dexterous fingers through long auburn curls, he tapped his ear and turned to stare out the single window. The voice of the man whom had sent the mental plea filled his mind as snow began once more to fall.

‘Who needs friends? They are an unnecessary encumbrance— as are lovers.

I hate watching hearts collide, fuse, shatter and reassemble. Do they enjoy the torment?

Winter has done little to curb lustful appetites.

This imp and that imp, just waiting to land the debilitating blow, be it hours or years from now.

If only they would ooze their joy away from me.

If I had a demons whim, I would ask for clarity to be brought to their rampant senses.

Mine can not take much more.

They are raw and bleeding.

Why should I not be allowed out here? Winter is long and extremely cold. If only it could numb my pain.’

Caramel brows furrowed then relaxed as Deylin donned his coat and stepped through the window, shifting space to sit upon the bench beside the man. Startling, grey eyes darted up and down as though a ghost sat there instead of a demon. Deylin grinned. “Your thoughts were loud enough to bring me to your side. Tell me your dearest wish and I may be able to assist.” The heat in his gaze sent a flair of color onto the man’s cheeks as he pushed back his hood. The steel of his gaze glinted as sharply as winters bite while Deylin scoured the man from his ebony locks, over the furrowed brow, long nose, curiously pursed lips to the chin dug into the safety of a brown and white knitted scarf.

    “My thoughts?”

    “You see friends and lovers as an encumbrance.”

    The man paled though the flush remained stubbornly upon his cheeks. “How could you know my thoughts?” His expression was defensively wary.

    “You wished for a demon’s whim.” Deylin indicated himself. “I am Deylin, Demon lord and currently bored.” Lidded stormy eyes locked with the man. “Use me as you will-” his lips curled, “Carter.”

    It was fascinating to watch the thoughts churn within the man’s mind, so loud it was easy to pluck them from between the snowflakes tumbling down. Crossing an ankle over his opposite knee, Deylin leaned back.

    “Tell me, Carter, do you have a disinterest in love or lust?”

    He shifted beside Deylin, who could sense his discomfort— and attraction.

    “I dislike it flaunted in my vicinity.”

    “Unless you are a partaker?”

    Carter shifted again, a magnet attempting to distance itself without success.

    “I’ve had my fill of such nonsense.” His tone was bitter. Deylin’s grin sharpened.

    “Love and lust are not synonymous. Love entangles emotions,” he flicked his hand. “Lust is a primal need to build a golden aura that pulses and flairs, gained only by the combining of two wanton beings.” Sharp sunlight and fractured iron clashed in his gaze as he turned it back to Carter, letting the man read his intention.

    “Let these creatures have their love and let me create a salve for the raw and bleeding parts of you.” His lips lifted as Carter, seeming transfixed, leaned in like the perfectly magnetized piece he was. “Shed the past and welcome the future with the understanding of one burned and built then of stronger mettle. I will not disappoint.” His fingers lifted Carters chin from its cocoon, his lips parting.

    “How do I know lust is not a way into love?”

    Deylin chuckled, brushing his lips across Carters and watching them swell with wanting as though he had already partaken of his pleasure.

“A demon does not love.” He nipped Carter’s bottom lip, watching his gaze glaze, pupils dilating. “But I can offer the kind of golden aura all those out there will never come close to achieving.”

    Deylin felt Carter’s breath puff out, caressing his cheek with a heat he could not wait to partake of.

“Does one become addicted to such things?”

    Deylin chuckled, a deep rumble of anticipation. “One hopes.” Capturing Carter’s mouth, it bent and broke to his teasing, hungry and hot, a delicious counterbalance to the weathers bite.


~writing is my passion

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